Annie... FALL.

My name is Mia and I like dinosaurs
22, Asperger's, half-assed fangirl, spooked horse, dunmer and argonian enthusiast, my mac and cheese tastes funny, I think the nurses are stealing my money, and my teeth hurt. An all-around bitter miserable old man who isn't as funny as I make myself out to be.
Expect a lot of Interpol, Elder Scrolls, irrelevant photos of mountains, text post conversations about asses, and tv/film run-off.

I live a Daniel Alexander Kessler Appreciation Life

Casually ruining my blog one Mad Men and Skyrim gif at a time

CryNO! Negative!

KenWhat the…

CryWhat-what-what-what happened?

Ken *laughing hysterically*

Cry What’s happening?

Cry What did you do?

Ken You’re doin’ The Robot, keep it up. *imitates dance beat*

Cry NO! I don’t WANT to do The Robot!

Ken It’s that new club dance.

CryI can’t DO anything!

Cry There’s another clipping/texture issue!

Ken  *continues laughing*

Cry – DAMMIT! I must’ve done…

Cry – Dammit, whenever are we going to learn how to catch the Weedle?! FUCK!

Cry Put me out of my misery, you bastard!

Ken *laughing*

Cry I don’t need this thing glitching on my save file.

Ken I’m freakin’ crying, this is so funny.

CryI feel ri… very neglected right now, Ken!

Ken Oh, gosh, look at you, you’re just…


Ken (patronizing) What’s wrong, Cry?

Cry I don’t wanna-I don’t wanna live… please kill me.

Ken You don’t wanna live? Would you like me to put you out of your misery?

Cry Yes.

Ken*In Inigo Montoya voice* No, no, you must suffer.

Cry I don’t wanna s…

Ken You will suffer.

Cry Vs. Ken - Chivalry: Medieval Warfare - TO THE DEATH!!!

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